Friday, February 22, 2008

We have fit the P3!

Danny kindly let us use his garage last night so Jonny could work on getting the most perfect fit for me on the P3 Cervelo. This picture is not from the final fit. I did not love the saddle I had put on it so my first change was to put my old seat back on. Its a Fi'zi:k and I love it. The top tube is much longer on the cervelo than on the Trek so Jonny had to change the stem from a 9 to a 7cm. That felt so much better as I felt like I was a little to far stretched out. The Vision bars that Clarence from Brielle put on seem very comfortable so we'll see. I am a little lower on it than my trek...yes more aero!After the fit today Jonny and I headed out to test it.He took me on the scenic ride of some of the wealthy homes in Las Cruces. We found his spot where he's going to build his house after a few BIG wins...for now he just rides the neighbourhood looking to make a friend so he can stay in there guest house. Anyway he did not have to make any changes other than adjusting my fat tires so they did not rub on the bike frame.
My plan is to do a 5 hour ride on it tomorrow...that will definitely let me know how it feels on the body.

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