Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick Update!!!

Well I survived 6 weeks of no training and I am happy to say I am still smiling....

I had my follow up appointment with Dr Goldberger from Advanced Orthopedics in Freehold NJ this week! It was six weeks Sat since my crash!

The X Rays showed that my clavicle looks like it is healing well and soon I will be able to do some weight bearing on it but for now still loading up on lots of PT with tons of strengthening/ROM exercises!!! So for another 2 weeks I will do more of the same boring stuff....but I do see progress every day!!! I am doing really great with my recovery and am really happy with how things are going!

I have being going back more to Coach Jesse's QT2 Systems "Core Diet" which I really like! For more info on it go to . Although I have been indulging in sweets( icecream/carrot cake/chocolate...whatever my heart desires!!!) pretty much everyday for 6 weeks I feel like I have managed not to put on too much weight as I am eating alot of good nutritious foods all day! Keeping my metabolism burning and healing my injuries at the same time! Although I have lost ALOT of muscle mass and have definitely put on some extra body fat! Not always a bad thing in the winter!

I make sure I am getting an ample supply of fruits and vegetables everday! These are healing foods with all the vitamins and antioxidants!

Sydney and I made an amazing granola filled with coconut,and walnuts, pumpkins seeds and cranberries. Delicious with milk , yogurt or alone!

It has been great to get back into the pool and my stroke is coming along nicely. Week 4 was strictly one arm swimming a few times a week but this last week I managed to work my way through a full range of motion. It was quite painful as my back is very weak and I have a bunch of scar tissue in my shoulder and scapula and tricep/biceps. But the feeling of swimming far out weighs the pain. Dr Goldberger told me to pull it back a touch and make sure I still keep with a modified stroke for the next 10 days. So no trying to push it.
Its been frustrating but my doctor assures me that I need to take the time to recover as the clavicle break was really a bad one and we need to ensure it heals 100%.

I have done a few easy rides on the trainer...Definitely time to pick it up a notch. My beautiful Kestrel has two big cracks in the top tube so this bike will become my permanent trainer bike! Dr G gave me the green light to go in my aero bars and ride a little longer. So time to get back to work! No riding on the road for a few more weeks though and I am ok with that!

I also was very excited to run on the Alter G on Thursday! Now this has definitely been my highlight for the week. The Alter G is an amazing piece of equipment developed by NASA and it enables you to run at a percentage of your body weight. The zero Gravity enables you to dial in exactly how much pounding you can handle. I am so excited to have found one of these at Overlook Hospital in Summit NJ. So twice a week I will be driving the hour to get a little no impact running in!

We recently headed to NYC and seeing I can't wear heels very well I was walking around in my sons sneakers prior to leaving the house...he snapped a picture of me as I looked like such a goofball!

Lastly I had a great weekend announcing at two local races. Saturday was the kids race and I just loved this event. I am always training or racing so it felt great to go and meet the kids and cheer them on! The kids were so excited and there energy was so good for me too. It really got me pumped up, announcing and being in that race atmosphere. Love it!!! Getting excited to train again!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"There's no have to take the steps!!!"

Well in two days it will be four weeks post crash and I figured it was time for an update on the great progress I have been making since my crash.

I am into a good routine of Physical Therapy 3 days a week, which seems to take ALL day and two days of modified cardio and PT exercises on my own. The weekends I have been taking completely off from working out and just enjoying the family time.

Love my beautiful kids!

I am so fortunate to have a great therapist close by who knows my body from working on me over the last 10 years.
Jimmy Smith from Crest PT has had the job of going step by step through each injury and the corresponding muscle groups to get them firing and back running in the way they should be. As I landed hard on my left side of my body, over the four weeks I think just about every muscle on that side has chosen a time to rebel against the process.
I am happy to report I have graduated from Week 1and 2's bed rest, week 2's walking slowly with a crutch, to week 3 where I have ditched the crutch and now finally the sling ...(unless I am in crowded situations like back to school night that without it I know 50 people would have hugged and patted me on my shoulder.)
So now, as my daughter likes to tell me I look "perfect" and am feeling alot more like myself!

I have learned from these set backs that us endurance athletes, just love to move. People keep telling me to relax and enjoy the break and recover. But I like to move around....I like to have goals..things to aim for. Recovering is my new goal...

Things you learn from an injury/surgery.

1.Your attitude and being POSITIVE goes a LONG WAY!!!
2.Narcotics REALLY mess you up...but thankfully they do help you through the pain!
3.Cutting apples with one hand is very dangerous. Almost lost a few fingers..
4. Tying laces with one hand...impossible. Bra's are equally a pain to put on...
5. Driving with one arm and one leg is not bad...just don't try drink your coffee or answer a call!
6.Opening a bottle with one hand....mmmm Very hard...need to hold it between knees...
7.If you do it enough you can write just as well with your right hand as your left...although Im a lefty with awful handwriting.
8.Sneezing with broken bones really hurts!
9.Shaving under your arm pit with a broken clavicle is a big pain!
10. SUV's are great until you have an injury then they are way to high off the ground.
11.There is so much junk on TV...I think I watched every silly reality show....Millionaire Matchmaker, Teen Parents,Hoarders,Kardashians.....thank goodness I was on narcotics while watching these. I would find myself laughing loudly then thinking how pathetic I was that I was so easily amused.
12.Friends are really great....People really go out of their way to help.
13. Your brain is very can convince you that your body needs icecream everyday because it needs the calcium.
14. Things that might be good to try if your bones are broken..."Bone up"..a combo of Calcium 1000mg/magnesium500 mg, Vit D 1000IU. Symphytum officinale Biorin..., glutamine in large amounts.
15, If you have a scar...I am using Quantum Derma made of Olive oil,Aloe V, Beeswax, and Vit E.
16.For inflammation...Take your Omega's and eat lots of healthy fruits and veggies. I also am using Arnica!
17. Tying your hair in a pony impossible with one arm...but a side braid works perfectly!
18.Chocolate and a glass of wine...Allowed anytime!!!!
19.Cards, flowers,gifts, kind messages, dinners brought over by friends, all make you feel so good!
20.I repeat...Your attitude and being POSITIVE goes a LONG WAY!!!

Enjoying the down time!!

I think I have handled my crash really well and am so excited to be about 2-3 weeks away from starting a modified training program. I will be at 6-7 weeks post crash...

I met with the great Dr Gerry Goldberger yesterday. I am so impressed with Advanced Orthopedics in Freehold NJ. This is the most well run business I have ever been to. EVERYBODY is so nice and the process is always so organized. Dr Goldberger is a triathlete himself so he really understands the Type A personalities and the need for speedy recoveries.

I cant say enough nice things about him! Well yesterday he had to check on my knee that had been bothering me. There was alot of concern from PT that they may have been damage to my ACL/PCL but he assured me after a series of tests that were reconfirmed by one of his partners that my knee is solid and just needs time to heal from the direct hit! I was relieved as the thought of another surgery was really getting me nervous!
We took a look at my XRays of my hip and clavicle and both seem to be healing well! I cannot believe what an amazing job he did with my incision....It is so neat and thin that my massage therapists had to turn the lights on really bright to see it!!!
Thanks Gerry!!!! You ARE the best!!!!

So as of this week I am up to biking on the stationary bike 30-60 minutes 3-4x a week. I am also water running 30 - 60 minutes 3-4 x a week. Today I tried a 30 min swim with one arm and kicking with fins. I was pleasantly surprised that the hips and knee felt ok...just the ankle bothered me. So as of next week I can start a modified swim stroke with a gentle pull through.
I still am very weak on my left arm and cannot lift it up on its own at all. I also do not have full ROM yet so
I have lots of work to do this week.

So a lot going on....I am really happy with the progress I have been making and as always thank you all for your thoughts, messages and prayers!

Been loving watching the kids shine!!!
Tanner testing for their second degree black belt and Sydney testing for her red/black belt.

Learning a thing or two about toughness from my son Tanner..running for a 75 yard touch down here. He's amazing on the football field!!!