Friday, February 8, 2008

FridayFeb 8th

Well its Friday already and I did not have the best week. The weekend weather does not look great with rain and snow predicted.It looks like I shall be riding the trainer/ and or mountain biking. I ended up riding hard Sat, Sun, Tues and Wed thus by Wednesday afternoon I was really suffering. My really bad sore throat had developed into a head cold and sinus infection. I finally broke down and started taking some medicine my doctor had given me before Ironman Florida when I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I took the rest of Wednesday off and just rested.
I came back on Thurs with an easy swim and 50 minute run. I even got a little massage. Today I had a zone 4 run which had been scaled back a little as this was meant to be a recovery week. I felt a little sluggish running and only got my heart rate up to 168-170 on the intervals. They were still hard and I was working. I always know when i am running hard i get the stares from the walkers on the board walk. Look at her...she's crazy...she looks a little you think she's late for something???
Well I actually felt good at the end and added an extra 2 miles onto the run. I am now sipping on some revive vitaminwater and eating some vegetable soup before I go swim.

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