Friday, January 13, 2012

Winning the mental game!!!

Great training day today. 5.30 hours on the bike. 35 minute run and a short swim.

I decided todays long ride would be on the indoor trainer as it had been raining when I woke up and the street was wet and I could hear the winds were howling ! Temps were going to drop every hour making it feel like 30 and below.

The day started like this...

7 bottles of!

My ride went perfectly! I started out nice and comfortable. The beginning pace, hr/watts allowed me to watch a movie.. But after 1.30 hours I turned the TV off and started digging in a little deeper. One by one I ticked off the hours going through my assortment of bottles/bars and gels. My last hour and a half was my strongest and my fitness is really coming along well!!!

A quick stretch... almost became a nap.

I then bundled up for a run outdoors. By this stage it had got freezing and the wind was now blowing 30mph.
As I started running I was very aware of the cold and wind. But I was surprised to catch myself unconsciously thinking about how good I felt because the cold had numbed my sore legs and I was feeling no pain. I also was thinking how good it felt to turn out of the wind. I became aware of my positive attitude which really pumped me up. I started thinking about what a great training day this was and before I knew it I looked down at my watch and I was running 6.50's. Woohoo. One of the highlights was running past the high school and seeing the kids practicing high jump. Brought me back to high school and great memories on the track! The glory days!

I finished up the run strong and went straight to the fire place to warm up.

Days like these are the best! This week my long ride was not effortless like last week ...It was hard, and I dug deep. There is no hiding on the's you and your effort. My mantra..right here..right now!!! I definitely at times went into auto pilot...the perfect place where you just thinking...just getting the work done!

Hope you all have a good training weekend!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Patience and Fitness!

Earlier this week I read a tweet by ITU athlete Jarrod Shoemaker! "I love how people think there is some magic bullet to be good at triathlon. It's hard work. Freaking damn hard work day in and day out."

This is the truth and I have been putting the work in. Now it hasn't been crazy long hours yet but the key is its been consistent.

After my crash I was anxious to get back to training and a racing schedule because thats what I love to do.
Coach Jesse kept assuring me...give it 12 weeks of consistent training. It seems for every week I took off it would take another week to get back.

People often ask me if I us Ironman triathletes are addicted to exercise. I just love the feeling of being fit. Getting back after time off takes work. Fitness does comes back its just a matter of being patient. (Which I am not) In the last 2 months I have raced a 5km, a half IM and a 5 miler last week. In each I set small goals and I see progress!

This weekend with temperatures in the 50's/60's and the sun pumping out some essential Vit D, endorphins have been at a high. Yesterday's 105 miles on the bike ticked by so effortlessly. Don't get me wrong I had a hard 1hr15 minute interval at the end of the ride and the effort was hard, but my legs felt strong and I went on to run well off the bike and later had a good swim.
Today I headed out for a 13 mile run at the Manasquan reservoir. One of my favorite spots to run as it is a 5 mile trail with a beautiful view. It has up hills and downhills/wind and flats and it never gets old.

I am finally feeling my fitness return. Todays 13 miler ended like yesterdays 100 miler. With good form and stronger at the end than in the beginning. The fitter you get, the faster you can go with good form, and the longer you can hold it. I have still got a long way to go to work on my speed and endurance but I love the feeling this feeling of getting fit.
When training feels smooth and effortless!

Alot of people over the years have asked me how come I love to run so much...that I make it look so easy. I think alot of people never let themselves get to the point where they actually know what fitness feels like. They give up because it is hard. The last 12 weeks have been hard and at times frustrating as Coach Jesse gave me the reality check that I am always frustrated because I am always comparing every training session to my best times. But I think I am always looking for those training days that feel like this weekend.
Where my body feels strong, where I am not just getting through the miles but am able to push them.

So this is a reminder to me to enjoy the process of getting fit...It takes hard work but it is so worth it. I know the weeks are going to get more challenging and I have to keep pushing myself. There will be days that I feel like I can't get through the workout. But I know that that is just the process that will get me to the next level. Looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Closing the door on 2011!

Where your pleasure is,there is your treasure.
Where there is treasure, there is your heart.
Where your heart is there is your happiness!!

Every year I do a photo video of my best memories from the year. But sadly when I went to do it the video site no longer works! So I began frantically looking for another way to post my best memories!
So Here goes..A year in photos! Wow I was super busy this year. I am so thankful to have the support of my family, my Coach, Rev 3 and all the great Sponsors of 2011.(TYR,First Endurance,Avia ,Recovery Pump, Kestrel) Without them this year would not have been possible. Also to Brielle Cyclery, Jimmy Smith, Dr Gerry Goldberger, and my training buddies! Its been a great year!

Train out in New Mexico with the Triathlon Squad


Travel to Rev 3's Costa Rica. An amazing family trip!~ Too many pictures to choose from!

Travel to Boston to meet up with new Coach Jesse Kroplelnicki from Qt2 Systems. Start new training program!

My Birthday race...10 miler win!

Race Galveston 70.3 National Championships

Training camp in Florida with QT2 SYSTEMS
Claremont National Training Center

St Croix 70.3 7th place

IM TEXAS National Championships...PR race for me. Went 9hr 27min. 8th place

Race Rev3 Quassy. Family joined me for some fun!

Girls dress up for NYC fun!

Race IM Lake Placid 5th place


Race Steelhead OH 6th place

Crashed training a week later :-(


Lots of PT and good family time!

Announced at a few races...good as kept me in the loop!


Start back a light training schedule!
5 km race...Felt great to be back racing! 1st place!


Travel to Thailand with Sydney to visit with my family and to race Asia Pacific Championships 70.3!

5 mile race to end off the year! 3rd place
Happy New Year! Looking forward to a great 2012!