Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another beautiful day in Las Cruces!

Yes today I am feeling alot better. No body aches..a little less coughing...a good start to the day!
I headed out this morning for a recovery 2 hour ride.It felt great to be riding and the wind was behaving which made it even more enjoyable. I was very good and kept my heart rate low and did not attempt to push the pace at all. I have to be Paulo reminded me this morning! I need to get this cold over with so I have to play it safe. After my bike I headed down to the pool to get a solid 4000 yard swim in with Danny and Mariana.
Swim 1000 choice
12x50 easy/fast
4x400 build
400 swim
400 cool down
My energy was definitely low but it felt so good to be swimming with those guys. I put in a good effort and was happy. It is such a pleasure to swim in an outdoor pool with a perfect temperature on a beautiful day.
Well I am off to get a bite to eat before a 50 minute run later.

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Judy said...

Good to hear you are feeling better!!