Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keeping busy!

Its been busy around here. It is such a fun time around the holidays and the weekends have been spent getting ready for Christmas and enjoying some of the mild days that we have had. I have got a few good fun mountain bike days in and I have been getting on the road which is great. Training has been very low lately. Swimming is right on target though. I am swimming 5 - 6 days and feel myself getting stronger again. Everything has been at a low intensity which is always good although I find myself itching to go hard.
Biking has been sparse and running even less due to an ankle issue that is finally calming down. I'm now in my 4th week of yoga and still enjoying it.
In the winter I like to try rebuild a little strength and I have been in Physical Therapy three days a week trying to fix the nagging issues from the end of the season and trying to balance and rebuild muscles. Very important!

On the homefront my son Tanner is now a candidate for his back belt in karate after passing his test. I am very proud of him. He has been doing Karate for 4 years and has wanted to quit on a few occasions. I have not allowed him too and for this he is thankful as he is now 1 year away from being a black belt. This shall be a hard year for him but as I have told him with commitment and hard work he will get there.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I went to pick up my daughter from a playdate today and her little friend ran up to me and gave me a BIG hug only to exclaim." You smell like a swimming pool!"
Yes...its back!!! The dreaded chlorine smell is now a permanent fixture on my body and the worse part is that I've got used to it! Swimming has been lots of fun lately. DRILLS, DRILLS and more DRILLS!!!

I dreamed of Africa!

Well every now and then I get home sick. My family all lives in South Africa and it has been three years since I have seen them. So today when I got home from training I put on the TV as I ate lunch and what was on but "I dreamed of Africa" The scenery in this movie is amazing and it made me even more homesick. I had never seen this movie before. It was so SAD I cried my eyes out.
My motivation this winter in training will be knowing the reward at the end of alot of hard training will be to get to race in my home country with a well needed family visit after. So every time I head out into the cold or I get on the trainer I shall train with purpose.