Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I see the light!

Finally started working out again today. I did a 1hr30min zone 2 bike and a 50 min zone 2 run...it is snowing outside so I did both inside. It's funny I only took two full days off but when you are used to training 7 days straight back to back for weeks, 2 days off feels like a loooonnnngggg time! I have however, taken 6 days off of swimming( my worst event!) and I shall really feel that in Las Cruces. I am not super fast to start with but when I don't swim I get really slow. Hopefully tomorrow and Thursday I can swim and get a feel for the water again before I get my butt kicked. I am really hoping that this cold is GONE tomorrow!

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Danny Montoya said...

Glad your feeling better!! Can't wait to see you guys and get some good training in!