Monday, February 25, 2008

Back in New Jersey!

Well despite wanting to extend my trip I did the right thing which was to head back to my family. My daughter was really missing me and they were waiting with flowers for me at the airport. I was really excited to see them too. My kids really are the coolest and they make me laugh alot. My husband was happy to have me back as all the running around gets quite overwhelming. He does a great job with them.

I got a 3.15 ride in today that was not very impressive. After a full day travelling my energy seemed really low and I was quite disappointed as I was hoping to bring the motivation I had in Las Cruces back to NJ. I got a solid 50 minute run in later. I shall get to bed early tonight as I need to feel healthy again!
I am heading back to Las Cruces in 2 weeks for some more good training.


Danny Montoya said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound!! Thanks again for the great company and motivation this past week! I'm sure your family is very happy to have you home :)

See ya in a few weeks!!!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Danny..see you soon. Keep up the awesome training too.