Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 3....a little more normal!

Due to the fact that I have not been feeling the greatest and after my big bike yesterday I was given an easier workout schedule today. The plan a 3300 swim and a 50 minute run.
Swim 600 choice
3x200 1.25 kick/25swim 2.75 kick/25 swim 3.swim
300 swim 200 fast
300 swim 2x100 fast
300 swim 4x 50 fast
300 swim
100 cooldown
Run was a zone 2 run around the NMSU campus. I found a nice gravel trail that I finished my last 15 minutes on.
This was my first run since I've been here and it felt good.

I'm enjoying a chicken and avocado sandwich and an Odwallo Antioxidant drink while relaxing now. Mariana and Andrea just left for a bike and I would really like to go ride for a bit as it is so nice out.I have sent Paulo an email...the answer will probably be no...we'll see.Tomorrow is a three sport day with a 2 hour run scheduled. This will be my longest run this year so I hope it goes well.

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