Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've landed in Las Cruces!

Well I got into El Paso late Sat night...not to the best start though. My bike case did not arrive...Marianna and Andrea had flown out from D.C and we all waited for the next flight in to see if my bike would be on that...nothing. The guy assured me that it would be dropped off in Las Cruces at our hotel that night.
We then headed to Las Cruces and went straight to dinner with our friends Jonnyo, Danny and Misha. Paulo however was no where to be he is still in Portugal. We had a good solid dinner, got our workout plans for the week, had some good laughs and then headed to our hotel to check in. We were all exhausted and went right to sleep.
Next morning we had a scheduled 5 hour ride and transition run....but we awoke to East Coast weather. It was SNOWING...yes SNOW...can you believe it!!! This is not what I was picturing when I booked this warm weather training week a few months back.
We rolled out of bed and I went down to pick up my bike to find it was not there...the guy had come but left a note that he had taken my bike to another hotel??? We were slightly alarmed as it did not make any sense. Well there was a good explanation...the room was not in my name therefore they had no idea I was actually at the hotel. I eventually got my bike and Paulo had already switched our workouts to a more reasonable 2 hour ride and 4400 swim due to the cold weather.


Judy said...

Sorry to hear about the bike mishap - I know that one all too well from my Timberman experience. Can't believe it is snowing there!!! As I told Mariana, I am so thankful for your blog posts - and I really wish I was there now - but am waiting patiently til March - keep up the good work! And fun stories!

Cassandra said...

Jacqui I actually saw you riding. I live off hwy 28 you were right by my house headed back to Las Cruces (by stables and adobe house on corner in Las Mesa)! I said to myself "love the bike" ... Thought you were from El Paso, LOL! Not many women triathletes here--so was thinking to myself wow if I see her again I'll flag her down.. I'm training for my first triathlon. I did a search this morning to find a triathlon near meaning most likely another state to enter a tri. This blog came up. I told my husband: OMG I saw her.
La Mesa, NM