Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lemonade out of a Lemon!

I am very happy as I managed to sneak a 4 hour ride in today. They called for rain all day so I knew it was going to be tough. I decided to skip my swim and headed out on the road early by myself. The sun was actually trying to get out and for once this week the wind was not blowing 20 miles an hour. I was feeling a little better today and the watts seemed to come pretty easy. (No wind was helping too.)
I rode a few hours and then picked up group to continue on. It was a chick ride and we were all happy that the sun was out. Twenty minutes into the ride the clouds had come over and we started to feel the drops. I of course was pretty adamant that I wanted to ride so I pushed on ignoring the drops and the comments of the riders behind me. My plan came to a halt when Patti got a flat, then Bernadette. We were standing wishing we had a few guys around to help us, freezing and the reality of a long ride was going! All of a sudden a big pack of riders passed us. Of course we took the offer for help and me and Laura decided to press on and try salvage the ride. Unfortunately the drizzle was turning into rain and my legs were getting really damp and cold. With the week I've had being sick I surrendered and decide to call it quits! We headed back. Just as we were about 5 minutes away I saw a hint of blue sky. We pushed further and the roads were a little dryer. The ride was back on and I was a happy camper. After a long loop along the ocean, I rolled into the parking lot with 4 hours. Now I know I should not be so excited about a 4 hour ride with IM Arizona only 9 weeks away...but winter rides outside can be tough!

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