Thursday, December 10, 2009

Personal battle!

Yesterday I moved my bike session onto the trainer due to a quick storm that rolled in with torrential rain and flooding on the roads. This was my first hard session on the trainer of the new season. Being on the trainer always brings me to a new focus. Without the distraction of cars,traffic lights,flying garbage cans, you can really take your mind to another place. I am however disappointed at myself. I need to get tougher...that's all! I am not training to my potential and I am mad about it! Last night, I was happy to get through the workout and felt like I did a good job. Today however I have a different opinion. I think I give myself alot of excuses like my power is good and I did all the repeats, it's early in the season, I am still building a base...when the going got tough which was very early into the workout I told myself that I was digging deep and I tried to focus. I used thoughts like "pain is temporary" and " I can do anything for a minute" But I am still not happy with myself. You see I am settling for what I can do..but it is not good enough. I need to push myself ,my brain and my body harder to make that break through. Instead of just being happy that I finished the workout I need to finish it well. I except when my legs start to fatigue and my heart rate is high and my power starts to drop...but it is not acceptable. So with this realization of mental weakness I can't wait for my next hard workout where I can have the opportunity to dig deeper and push the mental aspect of my training more! Less focus on the pain,the heavy legs, the lack of fitness and more on nailing the workout, not letting up,pushing above and beyond!

My Recovery Day

Thursdays seem to be a recovery day for me...I only have one workout, a run scheduled which gives me a well deserved day out of the pool. I however choose to book a 6am Physical Therapy every Thursday which really is annoying as I would love this day to sleep in til at least 7.30. If there is one thing I need to really work on it's getting more zzz's. It just seems like every night I am trying to catch up with things. I don't know what happens...because I don't watch TV yet before I know it is always 11pm. I think part of my problem is my chocolate addiction. Ever since I did a training trip in Tuscon early this year Marky V introduced me to Trader Joe's and their dark chocolate. I have now got into a habit of a little chocolate in the afternoon to get me out the door for my second workout. As I don't really drink coffee this caffeine buzz is keeping me UP. So I need to think about quitting that too.

This morning my Physical Therapist suggested that I may be growing a fin in my back. Paulo has been upping my swimming each week and we have been doing alot of paddle sets. I love it but the outcome of this is a very sore back and neck this week. He is suggesting I do alot of stretching or perhaps yoga. I really need to make the time over the winter for a good stretching program.

My goal for today is too come up with a good race schedule. As I won't be racing for a while Paulo said I could find some running races this winter to keep me motivated. I am trying to book a trip down to Florida for the Christmas break. It is only December and I am already feeling the urge to get to some sun. I am thinking Sarasota for a week and then we have a party to go to in Tampa.
I am hoping to go either back to Claremont or out to Tuscon for a week to train in February and then we have a training camp scheduled for March in Las Cruces. I am very excited about this as the training is very good there and I was kind of sad when Paulo moved as I thought I may not get back there. So lot's to plan!

So for now I need to get back to booking some trips and organizing my kids school schedule. As class mom for both kids things get a little hectic this time of year.
Of course I am yet to start Christmas shopping or put up our tree that will happen in the next few days. This weekend we shall head into the city for some NY Christmas spirit! This is a tradition for us to spend a night in the city with the kids and see the tree and go see the Christmas lots of fun planned ahead!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 3

The weeks are flying by as they usually do this time of year. We had a good Thanksgiving up in North Jersey at my brother-in-laws and we got to spend some great time with my dear friends and family. It is always good to change the scenery up too. I got to do a great trail run in Washington State Park. This is a rocky run with some pretty areas along a lake. Of course I got a little lost which I really did not mind as I had plenty of dessert to work off after a day of non stop eating. Later we got to go to Martinsville Reservation for an easy muddy mountain bike.

This week has been spent trying to build on my last two weeks. I have been getting some great swims with no shoulder pain. Thank goodness for Scott D from Team TBB who is on the same crazy path as me and who is willing to work hard day in day out to fulfill his dream of being the best triathlete he can be. We really push each other in the I wish I could run with him!!! The weather has been cooperating for some enjoyable bike riding. I'm starting to feel a little stronger on the bike. You know it's hard work..but it always feels great when it's over.
This week we saw temps of up to 65 degree's. Amazing! I got a fantastic run with my speedy friend Tommy Z. So all is going well!
I am looking forward to an amazing 2010. Now I just need to plan a race schedule!!!