Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 1 of training is over!

Well what seemed like a very easy day has really taken its toll on the three of us.
We met Jonnyo and MarkyV who had driven in from Colorado for a few days of warmer less snowy weather, at the NMSU pool. I was really looking forward to getting back in the pool although I knew I was going to really hurt. Well I was right...Our workout was 800 choice warm-up 4x(2x50 band 400 paddles 300 build) 400 ez The 300's really put me over the edge as I worked really hard. Mariana has been swimming consistently for weeks with a DC master group and the endless yards of hard training are definitely showing. I did everything I could to keep her closeby. It was a good dose of reality for me!!!
Around 3pm we finished setting up our bikes and then rolled out on our 2 hour ride. The roads had dried up and the temps were at least in the low 50's. We headed out into a very stiff wind though. The winds was 27 mph with gusts 37mph, the gust seemed even worse at times. It was actually quite fun as you were almost leaning over to one side in parts to stay up....The cervelo felt good for the first 1h30 then my knees started to hurt a little. It felt to be biking out on open roads in beautiful Las Cruces.
I was happy when it was over and we were all exhausted! We never left the hotel room after that and its now time for bed!

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