Monday, January 19, 2009

Making the best of the cold!

Due to the cold weather we have been having, I have been forced to ride on my trainer and do alot of my running on the treadmill since returning from Miami. This weekend with temperatures well below zero I met a few friends to do an indoor trainer session. We all had different workouts but it was fun just to have company and pass the time by with a few laughs. I shall be part of Riptide Cycling,Girls Team EPS/CSS this year and am hoping to do at least one time trial this year for them. I have not raced in one for a few years so it would be fun. It's nice to have this great group to train with too.
Today it was a little warmer and I was happy that the roads were not icy which meant I could run outside.I really enjoyed doing my hill repeats with snow flurries gently falling on me. The snow has been coming down on and off the last few days which has left everything looking very pretty. I ran through white trails in the woods and then looped back to the road to a steep hill. I did get some strange looks from passing cars as I charged up the hill but this is actually one of my favorite workouts. I then met my family for an hour hike in the woods which was alot of fun.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I was very excited to receive a package from Suunto today. Along with some swag they sent me a watch I have been eyeing for a long time. The t6c is an amazing watch with alot of cool functions. The first thing I noticed about the watch that I really like is the large display area. I like a big face where the numbers can be clearly seen. Secondly the function I was most interested is tht it records EPOC(Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption).It indicates the amount of extra oxygen that your body needs to recover after exercise.Your body consumes more oxygen after working out than during rest. The higher the EPOC the more strenuous the workout.The Suunto t6c can track the training effect and workload over a period of time. The TE measures the effect of your workload on your physical fitness. It calculates heart rate and time kept in a specific load.I shall use FIRSTBEAT to track my training sessions.
It too records calories burned which will help with post workout refueling.
The t6c comes with the option of adding a footpod,bike pod,GPS pod and a cadence pod.
I am excited to try my new watch out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

11 weeks to Ironman

Time is ticking by and a few of my friends are getting a jump on the season racing Pucon 70.3 this weekend. I am glad Paulo suggested that this race was too soon for me. I really needed a good break after a heavy racing load last year. My body was tired and I hopefully gave it enough rest so it can be stronger this year than ever before.
I have just started to pick up my training and add some harder work in there and I am liking the way my body is feeling. Swim workouts, after a few months of easier swimming with lots of strength training, are now building up and I like the power I have built up. Today's zone 4 run went well and once again my body felt very strong despite my legs being fatigued and sore from the previous 2 days work. It was cold outside and I chose to do my run on the treadmill where I could really keep an eye on my pace. I set the grade at 1.5 and held a 6.07 to 6.00 minute mile for the interval feeling pretty good. I did realize that this was not quite the pace I was doing on the Miami South Beach strip even though it felt like I was working hard. It definitely was not hard enough. I have to make every workout count. I am planning a training trip to Sarasota and Claremont in Feb for a 2 weeks so I can really get some good quality training in and some warm longer rides. My family will come and join me for part of it. I shall try do another training trip again in March too and then off to South Africa March 31st.
This time shall go very quickly. So for now FOCUS and HARDWORK!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Miami/Football and plenty of sun!

Well, I just got back from South Beach to 32 degree weather...It was a great 3day escape from the winter and I managed to get some good running that was my extent of training. Miami was in the 70-80's and the suns ray's felt very good.
Hank and I met some good friends and college buddies and headed to the Florida vs Oklahoma BCS Football game. Hank was rooting for Oklahoma and the rest of the stadium seemed to be Gator fans. With another big loss for him it was a fun but bittersweet night. Highlights for Hank meeting Chris Collingsworth....Highlights for me seeing Dara Torres.
It was great to spend a few days relaxing. Running on the boardwalk and on the miles of hard sandy white beach along South Beach was a definite highlight for me...along with dinner at my favorite restaurant Joe's Stone Crab.....amazing!

Some of the cools rides at our hotel!

Running on South Beach

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Excessive sweating causes computer malfunction!

Thanks to Coach Paulo's new Zone 4 trainer workout and the 75 degree house I was riding in, I began sweating profusely. This is very strange as I have never been a sweater. Even when I am racing in Hawaii or training in 90 degree weather I never had much perspiration. Yet, since my little break after Kona I have been gifted with sweat. Well, I was so into my workout and slightly delirious that I did not notice that my lap top was getting a little sweat on it. Next thing my music switched off and my computer shut down and that's been it...NOTHING!
I shall wait and try again tomorrow... :-(

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A beautiful winter day!

Sometimes the days are cold and windy but it can really be a perfect training day. Today was that day...I try not bunch my workouts up into one but today this is how it went.
200 KICK
200 PULL
200 KICK
400, 300, 200, 100 WHICH I did as a straight 1000
100 EASY
100 KICK
400 SWIM
200 COOL DOWN 3250 YDS

Biked first half hour by myself as I was running behind due to getting a few extra yards in the pool. Did not mind as I wanted to get my legs moving at my own speed. It was a balmy 32 degrees and I definitely over dressed. Ran into a group and went straight to Tiger Woods...a narly but fun rooty section of the woods. Did some good solid riding for 2 hours. The ground was hard and slick in sections. Saw two people wipe out taking corners too fast..I tried to keep it under first!

11.30 RUN
Headed out into the woods with a small group. Felt really good. Pushed the hills a bit and enjoyed the fresh air. Made sure I did not take my eyes off of the trails as those roots like to come out and grab you when you not paying attention. Ran 1 hour.

Stopped at store for fluid, a bar and a protein shake

I think I was in the shower for at least half an hour trying to get warmmmmmm!

Now I am ready for a nap...chillin with the son and I are working on a Superhero story....Flake and Volt...well he's writing...I'm editing :-)

Hope tomorrow is a good road bike weather day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year! I am looking forward to a good year of training and racing! A year of hard work and hopefully much success!
We sat at my kitchen table today and spoke to my kids about making New Years Resolutions. We each had to give one. Mine was to cook and eat at the table more. Tanner reminded me to also think about Ironman and what I wanted to accomplish which I thought was sweet. Hank's was to exercise he is now fully recovered from knee surgery and has no more excuses. Sydney's was too get better at the Wii and Tanner's was to continue to get all A's at school.

I am very excited as I got a juicer for Christmas. So we have been drinking fresh juice all week....delicious!

Good Food!

Good trainer workouts!

Christmas Fun!

The holidays have been fun and its been great spending quality time with friends and family. Training has been low still and I am anxious to get things moving. This time of year is always a down time for me to spend a little more time with the family as my kids have been off school. Physical Therapy has been going well and I am feeling like the work will pay off.
We have had some really mild 50 degree days here in NJ and some very cold days too but I can't complain too much about the weather.
Here are a few pictures from the holidays.

Sydney asking Santa for toys!

Tanner playing Santa in his class play!