Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's been a great 2010!

I always like to thank the wonderful sponsors and friends in my life who make my training and racing possible.
Firstly to my husband and family who allow me to explore my passion to the fullest. Thank you for being proud and believing in me.

Secondly to Coach Paulo who has been coaching me now for the last 4 years and keeps me healthy and ready to race...

Thirdly a big thank you goes to Trakkers. Being a part of this team really made my 2010 special. I was proud to be on a team of great athletes...including Amanda and Michael Lovato, Dede Griesbauer, Richie Cunningham,Brian FlesIchman, Mary Beth Ellis and Carole Sharpless.

Not forgetting the wonderful athletes on the age group team that became new friends.

With Trakkers came the introduction to a new race series The Revolution 3. A race series that proved that it is here to stay. Rev 3 puts on first class races with a strong feeling of family and caring behind them. The venues were fun and the new friends I met along the way were amazing! From Knoxville to Connecticut to Cedar Point Ohio it was a great race series!!! I managed to secure a third place in the series which was icing on the cake!!

I was also introduced to new and wonderful sponsors.
Firstly my nutrition sponsor. First Endurance!!!!
This has been the best complete nutrition support system I have used in ten years. They offer a complete range of products that left me feeling confident that I was receiving the right combinations of vitamins/minerals and electrolytes for training. It was great having a recovery product that I felt confident about that would refuel my exhausted muscles and would get me ready to train hard the next day! I raced alot this year and always felt great about my nutrition. I strongly urge any of you who have nutrition training/racing questions to go on their site as they have endless answers to probably every nutrition question you may have.

Secondly big thanks to Kestrel for a sweet new ride and Saucony for their great support throughout the year. Triswim kept my skin smooth and chlorine free!

Brielle Cyclery has been with me for the last ten years and I thank them for their endless support and warmth. Clarence the best mechanic in the world always has time for me and it is MUCH appreciated!
A big thanks goes out to Freddie from Oakley who has been a supporter of mine and providing me with the coolest of shades for the last 5 years!!!!!!! I love my Oakley's!
Also to Suunto watches for their second year of support and whose watches are clearly outstanding!

So I look ahead to 2011 and another great year of racing! Lots of good things in store!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time to get back to training!!!!

I have enjoyed three weeks of chilling time and I am happy to report I am back to a training schedule. Now different coaches have different philosophies on how much time to take off. Some athlete's just take a week and get back to training. I usually get 3 - 4 weeks to do other fun things with the family and to give the mind and body a break from the structured routine of training. When I first got into Ironman I would take a week and get right back to a schedule, but found it became a very long winter and sometimes I felt I really missed out on a well needed break. Also there are a lot of sacrifices that have to be made throughout the year to compete at your best level. In my break I like to spend as much time as possible doing fun things with friends and family and really finding the balance in my life again.

After Ironman Florida I was feeling particularly run down due to racing sick and instead of pushing onwards to go race a very difficult 70.3 in Phuket, Thailand. Coach Paulo thought it best to take a break. This was a good idea!!!

Me being me I quickly found other things to fill my time. Out came the mountain bike....which I love!!!!! The woods are so calm and the rides are always fun and challenging. Mountain biking for me is LIFE at it's best. I love to ride fast and hear my heart beat, finding new trails and exploring old ones. I like to work on the climbs or try some jumps I am afraid of. I like when the trails diverge and I have to pick one that I don't know where it might take me. I face my fears on difficult sections. I go back to them again and again trying to conquer them.
So as you can tell I got some good rides in!
I too got a little swimming, easy and in our indoor pool which means short swims followed by long hot tubs and steams. The pool I train in has no luxuries!
Lastly I really discovered Yoga. A friend of mine suggested I try it and that I may love it. I have and I spent three weeks going to yoga everyday....!!!! Pure bliss. There is nothing like walking into a Hot Vinyasa Flow class when it is cold and rainy outside!!!! I really needed to get some flexibility back too and all the stretching felt great!

I too got to enjoy time with my family going into NYC and spending time at the beach,hiking,sleeping in and just having no where to rush too!

The time off always goes so quickly but I am always thrilled to get back to my training schedule.
I am planning my year and setting new goials. Lots of exciting things in the works!!!!
I will be updating soon.
First I will need to give out some big thanks to my sponsors and then secondly I need to put together my traditional good bye to 2010 photo collage....then plans for 2011!!!!!