Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hammer Session!

Training this week has been going awesome! With a dismal 9 out of ten days calling for rain, I was not sure how things were going to go this week. But so far we've been lucky. Today I met a few friends, Gaspar, Frank and their friend Bob to ride. These guys like to ride hard right out of the gates. Two minutes in and they are charging all out up a steep hill. I however have been so well trained to take it easier up the hills that I always get dropped in the first two minutes on this hill. Always a great way to start a ride! Well the next 4o miles felt almost like a time trial. I had a 40 minute harder interval scheduled which unfortantely I could do some of it just sitting in. I finished the interval off with a solid pull and then went back to sit in and recover. Recovery was not even a thought on this ride though. They took turns pulling into a stiff wind and I every now and then out of guilt went back up to the front and did my share. It was a solid ride and I was happy to drop them back off at the parking lot and enjoy my last 30 minutes by myself at a much more comfortable pace. Great job guys...its always fun! I do enjoy riding hard!
I got a solid 56 miles on the bike and a 7 mile run in. Tomorrow is a 1hr10 minute tempo run...and a 3800 yard swim.

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Danny Montoya said...

Looks you're getting back into things very strong Jacqui! Keep up the good work!!!