Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great job guys!

To all my friends that raced over the weekend...congratulations! You all had solid races! Well done Laura for making it too St Croix, and up the Beast. Ran...bring a spare next time!
Mike on a PR at the Jersey Shore Marathon and Bernie who had a really solid Half marathon time.
Dave, I can't believe you went 4.05 on your first half IM ...that is impressive! What a great win for you. You are not only a very talented runner but you are an amazing triathlete too. I guess I'm not that surprised! It's scary that you can only get better! Now you can talk about your predicted times!
Joe and ED great job on the masters 5 mile championship race! Now that you guys know that you are fast runners...can you start getting back to triathlon training?
Well see you guys out there! Lets keep up the good training!

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