Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm hurting too!

This was a line coming from my good friend Don while 2 steps ahead of me on our ten mile tempo run today! We talked, we laughed, and then we ran hard!!!(for me anyway!) With the wind at our back, sixty degrees and the sun out, I said," This is feel good running. Isn't it! He agreed. With ten minutes to go I muttered that I wasn't going to talk anymore!
We high fived at the end and I added another solid workout to my week.
Before the run I had hit the pool and swam my fastest splits of the season. When training goes like this... it's the BEST!


Dee said...

Hi Jacqui! Just checked out your blog for the first time...nice job! I was watching IMAZ last month...have a great pic of you. I'll send it along if I still have your e-mail. Hope all is well! Danielle Sullivan

Andrew said...

Nothing like a nice fast run in perfect weather :)

Isnt spring great?