Monday, May 12, 2008

Two awesome weeks of training!

Well I am happpy to report that I made it through another week and actually felt pretty good by the end of the week. My body feels strong and I feel pretty healthy overall. I have been drinking my Infinit recovery drink after each workout and I really do believe it has helped me to recover daily for the next days work.
Saterday and Sunday were a little higher volume days with less intensity and that really helped me recover to start the week feeling pretty fresh!
Sunday was Mothers Day and lucky me got to get up early and ride for 4 hours and run an hour. When I got home at 1 pm I asked my kids to pretend I had just woken up and to make me breakfast in bed. I was spoiled with flowers and my son gave me a coupon for a massage from him of course and a coupon for a lifetime partner to go channel surfing. We take a kayak into the bay and try catch waves off of the wake of the biggest boats that go by...we have a blast! I am very blessed to have the cutest kids that give me so much joy every day!

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