Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Boy, although my hours are not very high(around 24 hours), the intensity is quite tough. I am really starting to feel the accumulation of the last ten days. Swimming has been particularly tough as I have really been working hard on every swim session, trying to keep my times down. I think it is starting to work as I am really feeling that what was once an effort now feels so much easier. Eventually I know this hard swim work will pay off in the races. This has been over a year of double the volume of swimming than I used to do.
Todays bike was the 34 x 1 minute zone 4 intervals. These kicked my butt. My good friends Jamie and Bruce accompanied me on this ride and I was happy as they still actually thanked me at the end. I was happy to have Jamie to push me and Bruce to make sure we did the 1 minute recoveries. It was a really good effort and my legs are very tired right now!

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