Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday and I'm chilling!

It's been a busy day here in Tempe. My day started with breakfast and then a short run with a few pick ups. I ran from my hotel and the area seemed to get a little sketchy so I kept it to ten minutes out and back. It felt good to be done for the day. Two days out is always a good day to take it easy. Tomorrow I shall do all three sports to do one final check. Well I then showered had a quick second breakfast and headed down for the pro panel. My computer is not letting medownload pictures so for now no pics. Sergio and Jonny were doing the panel and they were joined by Michellie Jones and Erica Csomor and Heather Gollnick. I too met with Mike from Infinit and got to just hang out and listen to him talk to potential Infinit users.
At 12.30 we headed for the pro meeting. It was typical with no new rules. Pro's still have to keep 5 bike lengths. I was assured there are going to be alot of officials on the course to prevent drafting. I like the fact that even though this is a flat course because there is 3 loops there is alot less area for the officials to cover. I was reminded though of the reality that we will be fighting to get between age groupers on the bike and run course at times. All in all a good meeting. The gang then went for a huge lunch at a place where you fill your bowl with as much food as you can and then they cook it for you on a big stone grill. It was delicious!

Well I was happy to get back by 3.30 yesterday where I got to just chill and organize my gear for the rest of the night. Tomorrow another big day!!!

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