Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 1 Arizona

I arrived in sunny Arizona yesterday afternoon. My travels came with the usual ups and downs....mostly downs. A delayed flight...a missing bike(something I am getting used to with the airlines...and a 40 minute drive to my hotel that should have taken 15(don't ask!) But I arrived and so did my bike eventually. BIG RELIEF!
I had a scheduled run and swim. So my first mission was to get directions to the Scottsdale pool where Paulo had suggested we swim. They had open swim time from 6-8pm at a cost of $2...which was perfect except I was starting to feel really tired around 7 as it was already East Coast time 10pm. My body does not enjoy these late night workouts. The pool however was refreshing and cool and it was a beautiful night. Instead of having ironman competitors around me I instead had a bunch of the youngest little swimmers being coached and it put no pressure on me to have to look like I was doing the perfect flip turn (which we know I can't do anyway!)
I took the scenic route along Rural through Scottsdale and what a cool town with great places to hang out.
I stopped at a whole foods on the way back and picked up some dinner and a few groceries and headed back to the hotel!
I was happy as my bike had arrived but too tired to put it together...lights were out by 10 pm.

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