Saturday, April 5, 2008

Enjoying the taper!

Normally I would say that I live for the taper as my body after the hard build is so exhausted. But this taper, due to all the interruptions in my build phase,it has been bitter sweet. I feel like I should be using this time to train more. I have forced myself to stick to the program and have been enjoying the shorter workouts.
You know how when you in Hawaii and you see endless people running up and down Alii' Drive and they are out there in the 90 degree heat suffering for hours on the bike....well I have been tempted to fall into that trap. The weather has been on my side though as it really has not been condusive for training outside this week. You have to love when you are doing your speed intervals on the trainer and you have cranked the heat trying to simulate the predicted 86 degree in Arizona. You then finish your bike and run out into the cold rain...layered up of course with enough clothes so you don't feel like you are going to catch a cold.
This week I too did my wetsuit swim. The good news is it still fits after a long winter. Now I would imagine under west coast terms a wetsuit swim in training would mean finding a nice ocean or lake to do a open water swim in. For us on the East coast where water is still in the 50's it means climbing into a 78 degree pool and swimming your heart out and hoping you finish the 3000 yards straight swim before you pass out and the lifeguard who you not quite sure if they can swim or not will come and rescue you.(that's if they actually notice you and they don't think you are doing a hold your breath under water simulation.
Well anyway I'm off to swim....choice workout today....should be hard and fun!
I then have a 50 minute run. They had predicted rain today but its a beautiful day with a 60 degree high! Yay!

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