Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flat Tire within 24 hours of Race Day!

I think I shall be happy when I get this first race of the season over!
Today was filled with lots of action and I am really tired and ready to go to sleep for the night.(4 pm)
I had a short but good swim this morning...I then left to go do my 45 minute bike ride. I decided prior to my ride just to run my fingers around my tire and I ran into a tiny staple. After I pulled it out I could hear the very slow leak. Thank goodness Paulo came to the rescue. We had to buy a new tubular and he glued it on for me. I am hoping that this will be the only flat I experience here in Arizona.
My race bags and bike are all checked in and I am READY!
My race number is 52!!!!
Thank you for all the good luck wishes!
Good luck to all those racing tomorrow! The HTFU gang, Jonathan, Sergio, Judy, Mike , Mariana and Andrea. Mike and Chris from NJ(Bob too). Linsey, Miranda, Paul, Jordan and the guys from Portugal. Hope you all have a great day out there!


Chris Fotache said...

Jacqui, congrats for hanging on through a tough race! Impressive performance!

Mike said...

I was following your race and as a result of your incredible effort on a difficult day, I look forward to your next race even more. It will be all that much sweeter.

Jacqui said...
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Jacqui said...

Thanks guys for the good words! I look forward to training really hard for IM Lake Placid.