Thursday, January 17, 2008

Working hard!

I was whining to Paulo last week that it seemed like I was the only one that was not working hard. Well say no more...for the last ten days I have been going non stop! I really am quite exhausted. I feel like winter takes so much more out of you. I am happy to say I have now adjusted to training in the cold...and I am now opting to road ride outside as much as possible. My rule is 30 and above, the sun helps alot too. This weekend is meant to be in the teens so road biking is not an option for me. I have 5 hours scheduled for the weekend so I will probably go mountain biking and ride on my trainer at least one of the days.
It is bad enough that we have to bike and run in the cold but all week our outdoor bubble pool we swim in was freezing as the heater broke. So the option was to swim in the 74 degree or below water ,(which for some may not be cold..but for me is freezing) or to go swim indoors with all the senior citizens doing water aerobics.
Well I opted for the indoor pool on Monday. It such a temptation as there is heat and a hot tub,steam room and nice locker rooms but then their is the smells and the terrible chlorine. The air quality is awful and the very much not competitive water aerobics classes, blaring the best of broadway hits, are not very motivating! Well I almost threw up twice. In the middle of a hard set, I took a big breath and consumed the aroma of Chanel no 5 perfume to the left and Charlie to the right. Why do people not shower before entering the pool....its there in big letters...PLEASE SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING POOL!!!! So I hung on the edge of the pool trying to catch my breath and avoid embarressing myself by hurling all over the pool deck!
Hence the next day I was back in the cold pool with two bathing suits and two caps swimming away. Today I was tempted to wear my wetsuit, but guess what? They got the heater part in and the pool had gone up to a slightly uncomfortable but very much more enjoyable temperature.
Yay! I guess this is what winter training is all about!

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