Saturday, January 19, 2008

Its a mind game!

Well some days are really just a test of your commitment to your training. It 2 pm and I have been going since 8am. I did an awesome masters workout this morning, around 3500 yards.I did 10x 50's leaving on 45 10x 150's leaving on 2.30. My arms were pretty tired after swimming 5 consecutive days. I swam pretty strong though and I am therefore happy. Yesterday I had a bright idea to convert my tempo run into a track workout. My legs were paying for it today. It was cold and windy and i was hoping to hold 6 minute miles. It ended up being 4x 6-6.15 pace. I did my workout on the treadmill last week and it was so much easier. (I wonder why???) This was suffering!
Well today, thank goodness for good friends! I had a three hour ride with hills and I managed to take a few friends for the ride. It was freezing,and on a bathroom stop we stood around sharing a quick cup of hot choclate mixed with triple caffeine coffee. It was delicious and it gave us a little boost for a while. It was actually a great ride but by the time we got back we were all tired and quiet and our feet were freezing. Everyone quickly jumped in their cars and went home to warm up. This was round about the time I started having a little mental breakdown. I was cold and hungry and I wanted to get my workout done yet my feet were numb. So I went into our gym and sat with my feet in the hot tub for ten minutes. By then I was ready to take a nap. My whole body wanted to jump in the hot tub. So I started writing this post and then pulled myself away from the computer and decided I needed to get the work done and get home! I got another cup of coffee and took it to the treadmill.( sipping coffee as your form of fluid replacement 4 hours into your workout...while running indoors in the heated gym...not recommended! I actually ended up having a decent run as I started watching the Australian Open Tennis match with Federer. These guys played am amazing four hours of tennis. Taking it into the 5th set and Federer finally winning 10 games to eight. It was such good tennis and held my attention to get me through my run.
Some days are tough. I guess to be a part of the HTFU group...I really need to toughen up!

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