Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mountain Biking! Mirror of Life!

I decided to make a quick change of workout plan this morning and instead of riding my trainer I decided to put my mountain bike in my car. They were calling for light snow so road biking was out. Besides it was chilly! I finished up my swim and headed for the woods. I had not made plans to meet anyone so I just jumped on my very muddy bike and headed out for an awesome ride. I love mountain biking. I really enjoy riding on my own too, much more so than road biking.

Any time you are on your own it gives you time to reflect on who you are and what hand life is dealing you. I find mountain biking to be a great mirror of life.
I never quite know exactly where I am going in the woods, but I find great enjoyment in the process of finding where I'm headed too and reaching a familiar path that will ultimately lead me to where I want to go. (either the porta john or my car) When given a choice of two trails that I'm familiar with I always choose the more difficult trail.
I love the excitement of the switchbacks, the faster the better.( If anyone has seen me drive or mtbike..they'll understand that one)
I like to challenge myself by trying all the jumps at least once. Once bitten twice shy(I think thats how the saying goes!)
I can be reckless at times.
I always see the beauty of the woods!I stopped in awe today as a deer and I stood eyeing each other. We both darted off in different directions.
I love the quiet but am always happy to see people out there.
I know my limits although sometimes I really want to do the North Face projects!(reckless!)
I like to have FUN!
Sometimes I feel like I'm the coolest mountain biker then I hit a tree...reality check!
Well if this didn't totally confuse you then hopefully it gave you to a little insight into me and why I shouldn't mtbike alone. Way too much time to think!

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