Thursday, January 31, 2008

I did not feel very well today! Yesterday I kept my daughter home from school as she was not feeling so good. When this happens my schedule has to change. I no longer have my six hour window in which I like to do my training. So I got my long run in but I had to miss a swim workout which I now have to try make up on Sunday. I may have strep throat as my throat really hurts and I have no energy. I forced myself to go swim. I decided as I was swimming solo to do my long swim workout today, as I really did not think I could pull of the hard 100's. I got through half of the workout and was really battling. By 3500 I had to get out. I then made the decision to cancel my bike and go home and sleep. I took a 3 hour nap(which I never do) and woke up feeling slightly better. I got a 40 minute run in while my daughter was at dance. I am hoping I feel much better tomorrow as I have a really hard run day scheduled. They are calling for rain,sleet, and high winds. I wander where I shall run tomorrow???

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Danny Montoya said...

Being sick is the worst!! Hope you feel better soon! :-)