Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank goodness for training partners!

I really try not think about what my next days workout entails as it can be too overwhelming! Somedays you really don't think you are going to recover ..then you feel fine the next day. Well today was a zone 4 tempo run. I love these workouts especially once they are done and executed well. I prefer to do them with people as you are all suffering together and you really have no choice but to perform. I do 90% of my training between the hours of nine and three when my kids are in school. Yet 90% of my training partners work therefore alot of my training during the week is done alone. Well today I got a nice surprise that Don a friend of mine was off work and was looking to do a long run. Being the good guy he is, he agreed to my workout plan and I was really happy as I knew he would be able to really push me. If there was any workout that I could use some company this week,it was this one. It was beautiful and sunny. We chose to run the boardwalk which worked out perfectly with the 15 mile per hour wind that was blasting us from the west. We pushed hard and ran well. We both felt awesome when it was done. I am always extremely thankful to have good company and people who are always eager to do any workout no matter how challenging. So Don, Joe, Patti, Maggie, Ed, Laura, Heather,Bernadette, Chris I am always very grateful to have you guys as training partners.

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