Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9th and 70 degree's in NJ

I love it!!!! I feel like we skipped right through winter. All week I have been biking and running in I stripped down to a sports bra!Whats going on???? I am certainly not complaining! This makes the winter so much more tolerable when you a get a week like this here and there. You can push so much harder when it is nice out and you don't have that chill in your bones!
Today I had a hour and twenty minute run which I did at the Manasquan Resevoir. It is a scenic 5 mile trail with a few hills. It was super windy so an excellent choice to execute my first long run of the year. ( I know 10 miles does not seem long to alot of people but right felt like a lonnngggg run with the week I've had!)
After my second Ipod conking out on me..I borrowed a good friends Ipod...filled with some great eighties music and got a great run in. I had half an hour of Zone 3 running which kept me around 7-7.10 minute pace. My legs were really not feeling to good after yesterdays hard bike intervals but I pushed through and was happy with my effort!
We may have 2 more warm days,although they are saying it is meant to we'll see. I hope to get another good biking day in tomorrow!
A week like this feels like i'm away at a training camp!Awesome!!
Talking about training camp. I just booked 9 days in Las Cruces New Mexico where my coach,Paulo lives and Jonnyo and Zach Ruble are training. I look forward to these weeks where I can really just focus on training without all the everyday craziness that goes on. My good friends Mariana and Andrea shall join me out there too. I have a month to get myself into some sort of shape. Well I will keep you posted on the rest of the week!

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