Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swimming Stories!

Life has been busier than I thought! I have been going to Physical Therapy three times a week to fix some very tight muscles in my glute/hip area! This is always a three hour ordeal. Add another three hours of workouts in and a few kids activities and my day is full! Tuesdays and Thursdays I try squeeze a little nap in though which has been great! Did not get it today though :-(
Swimming has been good. They have just changed all our pools over to saline and I am loving it. No more smelling like chlorine all day long! My hair/body feels better too! Thank you Atlantic Club for making us swimmers very if you can just get the water temps right and get the ol ladies out of the pool we'll be very happy!
The classic story is my friend Maggie and I arriving for a swim workout. Maggie states," ah now for the best part of my day!" I respond..."I wouldn't say that yet!"
We go to the pool deck to find the usual water aerobics class going on and us having two lanes left. Paulo has given me a workout with alot of fast stuff and I really want to focus. So we are in the pool hammering out 100's next minute this "sweet"old lady jumps into our lane and starts swimming doggie paddle. I thought M was going to have a collision. I stop her and kindly ask her if she can doggie paddle by the aerobics ladies as she may get hurt! Her response is that we need to circle as she wants to swim too! AHHHH! That is not called swimming M starts swimming some mean fly and our pace picks up as we are both a little aggravated! Hence we got our lane back...sorry ladies...we will be out of your way tomorrow as we get out quiet outdoor pool back. Yay I am so excited! Just a few of us and our precious lanes! Time to train hard with no interruptions!


Judy said...

Hilarious story about how your speed scared the lady out of the pool!! You sound busy!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Outdoor pool:-( I want to come live with you.