Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 days after Ironman

Timing is everything and I was thrilled to have a few days after IM to get things organized as my kids were heading back to school. Summer went by so fast this year and I was sad to have the care free days end. Summer is by far my favorite season and I love getting up at sunrise to go train and having my kids still lying in bed by the time I get home. I love the beach days, the warm ocean water, the busy boardwalk, summer parties, our pool, kayaking in the bay, bodyboarding and the long days. I am painfully aware of the days getting shorter as I took my kids for a bike ride on Sunday at 4. Due to the lack of training and feeling more recovered I just did not want the bike ride to end. We went on an adventure, biking to the beach, then to a friends, I enticed them with a burger king stop, a blockbuster stop and then when we came out it was dark...It was 7.40 and pitch black and we speeded through all the back roads back to my house by 8.15 and in time to get ready for bed. I miss the late sunsets alot!
I have been itching to get back to a regular training schedule as I know I have the biggest race of all in 1 month and I want to feel fit and fast...I keep hearing about all the great long workouts eveyone are doing in preperation for Hawaii. The PS posse are also meeting in Las Cruces for a training camp that I would love to be at. I know this is the position I put myself in by racing two Ironman within a short period of time and I know I need to recover well as I have a few nagging pains. So for now I just have to be patient and enjoy the short workouts.
Due to my kids being back at school I have decided to use the extra time to go to Physical Therapy. Jimmy Smith from Crest PT is the best and I will see him for the next few weeks to get my body in top shape again.
So I shall try enjoy these easier days and focus on eating well, stretching and getting organized.


Judy said...

Enjoy the lazy days and clean the house! LOL!! I love the story of how you kept the kids out late riding - and I hear you on the lazy days of summer - those are long gone for us here.

Shawn and Tracy said...

The days are getting shorter and I hate it too. I'm doing little workouts as well. We are in good shape we need to just get to the line recovered and ready to rock again. See ya soon.