Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well my gluten free diet and enzyme taking ended tonight...or more like at 7 am this morning when my dear coach, Paulo read my blog! I guess sometimes you feel like you are in a rut and you need change. Timing is everything though and Paulo reminded me that two weeks before Kona is just not right timing. The pharmacist was telling me everything I wanted to hear, and that was take these supplements, make some changes in your diet and you will feel like a new person. Well, right now I am meant to be feeling tired and cranky as I have raced alot and am in the process of recovering. But in two weeks I shall be ready to go and it won't be because I changed my diet or started taking some pills. It will be because I have trained hard all year long, done the work and because I happen to love to race!(especially in Kona) I have one more week before I leave and I shall continue to get my workouts in and try sleep alot. I know I am ansi to leave as it is getting cold here and they are predicting rain for the next few days. But soon enough I will arrive at the Kona airport, feel the warm air, and put a big smile on my face! Thanks Paulo for being you....the snake oil cracked my husband up big time!

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