Monday, September 1, 2008

Ironman Louisville!

The only way to describe the scene here in downtown Louisville yesterday was a suffer fest. I have never seen so many people hurting out there on the run. It was a lesson in once again respecting the magnitude of Ironman especially when backed up with a 92+ degree day and some wind. I am happy to say I battled it out and finished in 10.26 good enough for a 7th place pro finish and a spot on the podium. I am on my way down to the awards banquet and then roll down.....There is a slim chance of me getting a slot so we'll see. There are 3 girls ahead of me and only two slots so hold thumbs for me! I will post some more later!

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Shawn and Tracy said...

Way to "get er done". It sounds like everyone was melting which makes the distance even more daunting. Way to represent for the PS Team ;-)