Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 1 of enzyme taking!

I am not a big pill taker and have never been able to stick to a routine of taking supplememts as my stomach just does not handle them well. So today I started off my day with 10 pills on an empty stomach. I broke up the first 5 and put them in a drink. My drink immedietly turned green..nice! I chugged that down. This was a combination of a multi vitamin, Coenzyme Q10,Xcellformula for a healthy circulatory system and some more enzymes for digestion. Next was the 5 others which I chose to sip and swallow. I got them all down and I have to say I felt a little queesy for about half hour. But after a little Quinou (oatmeal not allowed :-( ) with blueberries,honey and almonds for brekkie I am feeling much better.(I think) I may have to wait to after Kona to start this whole process. I will see how the pills effect my stomach.
The wind is howling outside(30mph) today and it is 58 degrees. I am contemplating
riding on my trainer with the heat turned up but I know the wind will probably be a good reality test for me for Kona. So enough procrastinating and let me get to work!

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Shawn and Tracy said...

Good luck with all the pills. I meet with some awesome Doc's here and we discussed some similar stuff. I will pick your brain in Kona....It's so CLOSE!!!!!! ;-)