Saturday, September 27, 2008

Preparation for Hawaii.....Sweating!

Yes, thats what I've been doing alot of. My husband tells a story to friends over dinner last night. How he and my son came home to a weird sound. The whole second floor was vibrating. They walked upstairs to find that it was like a sauna up there. I had turned the heat up to 92 degrees. He then opened up the bedroom door and my daughter was lying on our bed watching TV sweating. My son then opened the bathroom door to find a room full of steam and a lot of noise. There I was cycling away on my trainer..yes in my bathroom, heat ramped up, music on full blast, in a pool full of sweat! I was at an hour and was so happy to see them. I was DONE, baked, cooked...and asked them to turn the heat off! This kind of training is highly overrated and not so much fun!
I have opted rather, to run on the treadmill with a few extra layers on. Thanks to Jon Stewart and a few other comedians I tolerate the treadmill and I feel like I am adapting well and I shall be much more prepared mentally and physically for the Kona heat now! I hope!

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Judy said...

THIS is hilarious!! You do sound ready - good luck with preparations for travel and keep us posted!!