Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When the going gets tough!

I have not been blogging as the last 10 days have been very hectic for me.Well it seems like I keep taking two steps forward and then one back. Its been a struggle this winter especially the last 6 weeks with thankfully no injuries but poor weather,colds and stomach viruses. All things that eventually pass but definitely obstacles that have kept my training inconsistent. I was really looking forward once again to a great camp in Las Cruces. This particular stretch was very important for me to get the final block of good solid training in.
After 3 days off with a stomach virus I headed out to New Mexico to meet up with Paulo, Jonnyo, Danny, Jodi, Judy and some new members of the HTFU crew. I got a call on my second training day out there, while in the middle of an interval on a 5.30hr transmountain ride that I had to leave as my husband had landed up in hospital. He had had knee surgery 10 days prior and had developed a blood clot in his calf. I am very thankful he is ok.
So sadly I left the training camp.
This week back has been solid so far, but the weather is definitely not on my side. I have not managed to ride outside since I got back, due to cold weather and rain.Therefore I was back to the trainer. I got a solid 20 mile run in but I am feeling very unsure about my upcoming race and where my training is right now. I feel very close to being ready but not quite there. When you are racing at the pro level it is very important that your confidence is good and that your training is right on. I shall keep my spirits up and my training on schedule and we'll see how things go.


Danny Montoya said...

Way to hang tough "kid"!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shawn and tracy said...

How scary, I'm glad your husband is OK. Feel your frustrations with the sickness...that has been my last two months as well. Best of luck in your races, I'll be pulling for ya :)

Chris said...

Hope everyone's OK and healthy now!
It's tough to train outside in this cold.. this Saturday it was snowing at the shore!!! (well, flurries, but still... it's supposed to be spring).
At least Arizona will be warm.