Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No wind and outside...wow!

Well, I finally had a day on Monday where I got to ride outside with the sun shining and very light wind. What a difference...I could actually hold the watts without too much trouble...always a good sign! It was a very enjoyable 3hr 10 min ride. I did find I now ride leaning over to one side though?
This morning I did a really solid swim and I look forward too running 2 hours later. I shall run 1.10 by myself and then finish up with my running group. Tonights run is at the resevoir...actually all my long runs have been there lately. Its a 5 mile loop that has one or two little hills...the best part is its all packed sand. Great for the legs! It also is a great place to hide from the wind! Tmorrow is meant to feel a little more spring like with temps in the 50's....YaY!

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