Friday, March 28, 2008

Have I mentioned before that I'd like to relocate!

When will spring be here? Tomorrow I have my last long ride scheduled and it is still winter in New Jersey. It shall be a chilly 30 degrees feeling like 25 degrees and should stay cold all day. I may have to bring a hot choclate in my back pocket...although I am meant to be practicing my race day nutrition. This year I am sponsored by INFINIT Nutrition and they have been awesome in setting me up with the best nutrition formula. I have felt good on the long rides with no bloating and have run well off the bike. I do hope this to be the case when I race. Mike and Dave are awesome guys and I hope to represent their company well.

I have been feelingmuch better this week and have been getting solid workouts in. I had my best swim of the year this week and my runs have been steady. Will it be enough? We'll see!

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