Sunday, March 2, 2008

A solid week!

Well its Sunday and I got the work in this week. I got a solid 18000 yards of swimming in I'm thankful to Maggie who pushed me on three of the long workouts. I swam in the indoor pool, with the smells of strong perfumed water aerobics women,the outdoor bubble pool which was a pleasure,and master swim where I pushed hard.
I got 260 miles of biking in the snow, rain,wind,wind, and more wind and on my trainer in the heat of a house with a roaring fire.
I got around 55 miles of running in the woods, on the boardwalk, the treadmill, the streets of Point Pleasant, the hills of Pennsylvania and the ski slopes.
It has been a typical crazy week just trying to get the volume in and guess what it all starts again tomorrow.
Paulo has told me to settle down(the nice way of saying stop freaking out...due to being sick) and stay consistent...I'm trying!!!
So I shall see what this week brings...hopefully lots of warmer dry weather, motivated people to train with,good healthy eating and I want my cough to finally stop. Lets keep it going STRONG!

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