Sunday, March 30, 2008

Arizona here I come!!!!

Well I have decided after 17 weeks of training that I need to do Arizona. I spent a big portion of my last year feeling like I was playing catch up due to missing Lake Placid with an injury. Things just don't always go as planned, and even though my training has been up and down, I am not injured and feel like I should give it a try. The field is thick with talent so I shall just make this a learning race. Paulo did not like my idea of racing Brazil and he had suggested if I don't do Arizona that I wait until Lake Placid for my next Ironman. I do not want to wait until July and I know I would be really upset to watch the race online knowing that I was close to being I have to go for it. Besides I have friends,Mariana, Jonny, Sergio,Miranda, Linsey,Judy, Chris and Mike who shall be racing and it shall be good to be out there supporting them too and enjoying the Ironman experience.


Judy said...

YEAH!! Glad to hear you are going!!

Jacqui said...

Thanks it will be good to see you again! Hope you are enjoying the taper!