Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Twilight Zone!

Well yesterday I took my training to a scary place...for me anyway! They were calling for snow on Sat when I was supposed to have a scheduled 5 hour ride. So I planned on doing my ride on Friday...except when Fri rolled around they called for heavy winds and freezing temps again. So I rented some movies thurs night as I was prepared to get to get on my trainer again,4th time this week. Friday morning , no change in weather so I jumped on my trainer and watched Emmanuals Gift for 90 minutes...a documentary on a disabled man from Ghana who chose to do something great. He rode his bike with one leg across Ghana to change his country's negative perception of the disabled. He came over to the states where he continued spreading his word and organizing help for his people. He too got the triathlon bug while was very touching and kept me going for the first 90 minutes. When I am doing my intervals I really need to focus so for the next 2 hours I listened to music. At 3hr30 I wasn't feeling too bad and decided to go for the 5 hrs.I think I then decided to email Paulo to let him know what I was up too. He although probably not loving the idea, gave me the thumbs up to finish the ride on the trainer. It went suprisingly fast but the last hour really did not feel so good. I happily finished the ride and headed off for a transition run. Well first I got changed into very warm running clothes and headed off for 40 minute run. My legs and low back were very stiff legs and I headed out into a 25mph headwind. It was slow and it took about 15 minutes for them too loosen up!
I was very happy to be done. Another tough I'll be thinking of race day!
Note: Not all my workouts are this just seems to be lately and some of the key workouts.

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