Monday, March 24, 2008


I have not made a decision yet about Ironman Arizona...I have very mixed feelings about racing. After missing, the camp, two key long runs and 2 key tempo runs and alot lower than normal hours per week... I am still not feeling the strength I should be feeling going into an Ironman.I however am not injured so I also feel like I should just go for it! I shall make my mind up by Friday.
Last weekend I spent the weekend in NYC for Easter. I managed to swim at Asphalt Green. They have a really nice 50 meter pool which was such a pleasure to swim in. It was so exciting to see people lining up at the door just anxious to get in and swim. They had the AGUA swim team training going on which were awesome to watch. There head coach Brian Browns motto "work works" was my mantra for the swim workouts.
They are one of the most competitive swim teams on the East Coast and have already qualified 8 swimmers for the Olympic Trials. I was disappointed as they had no master swims due to the holiday weekend..but I did two 4500 meter swims and was happy with them.

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