Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saucony Rocks!

What a great day yesterday...Sun was out and I got a great swim in with my friend Maggie. After a few days of little or no training due to a wisdom tooth being pulled out I felt tapered and my times reflected it in the pool. Which just means I was able to cut a few seconds off my times and I actually felt stronger in the pool than usual.

The weather has been beautiful and I got to ride in shorts yesterday. What a difference it makes to have less layers on and the sun shining! I met my friend Patti for a ride. Patti is amazing. She is the toughest women I know and she is 55. I have never seen her get dropped on a ride ever....she just knows how to dig deep and work hard. Yesterday the two of us worked hard. Some of my best rides are when I have someone sitting on my wheel just there pushing me from behind. Patti has been riding with me for years and I appreciate her feedback. She let's me know if my riding isn't smooth and is always quick to tell me if I am riding strong...which only makes me work harder. Yesterday I pushed hard into the wind for what seemed like most of the ride and she was there after each interval to tell me how fast I was going. It really helped so thank you P. By far my best ride of the year!

I got back to find I had got a nice delivery from Saucony with all sorts of fun workout clothes. Love them....thanks Saucony!!!!
I tried to get Sydney my daughter to take a picture of me with them but that didn't work out to well. I am happy to have new training clothes for camp next week....packing will be so easy now!!! Awesome! Also got a new pair of Progrid Triumph 7's. Can't wait to try them out on my run today!


Bry said...

You should really share with others! What size did you say you were???? ;)

(just kidding!!)

Jacqui said...

Wish I could is always fun to get some new gear. Makes you realize how worn out the old stuff is. Tried the Saucony wind breaker and tights today so comfy!
Checked out your site...congrads on your All American Honorable mention for 2009. Keep it up!