Sunday, March 21, 2010,,!

Day 5 for me of my Las Cruces training and I am setting into a nice comatose of training. My legs are constantly fatigued and you learn to live with it and be happy! Luckily we are all in the same boat here. The energy at camp is great and I love the girls that are part of the PS posse.

It is so nice to train with girls and guys that are all working towards the same goal...being their best!
Our first official day of training camp was a big energy day as we did a 4 hour that turned almost into a 5 hour ride. The winds were howling and it made for some fun big efforts. The loop we did was a ride included riding up the transmountain gap. It is so great to be on the road again and was really fun to climb and made me think of our training camp in Arizona and climbing Mount Lemmon and how amazing that mountain is.
It was an memorable first official day of camp ride and yes, how could I forget that it was my birthday so we had to have a great dinner at Lorenzo's too!


Today got my fifth day of swimming in a row. Paulo's pool workouts have been amazing and the long course pool is such a treat. Never mind getting to do it outside in the beautiful sun is amazing.
I have been taking some great pictures on the road so I will be posting those as often I am to tired to think.

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