Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My love/hate relationship with swimming!

Today's pool time was extremely hard for me.(and the rest of the gang too) It was my 6th day of hard/long swimming in a row and my arms did not want to turn over. Actually they hurt with every stroke. After a long warm up I was hoping they would stretch out like they often do...but no they just seemed even more fatigued. Then came those dreaded words 40 x100's. Good news was only every 5th one was fast. Bad news every 100 seemed like the fast effort....which made the fast effort throw up worthy.
I appreciated Coach Paulo yelling at me, but there seemed to be nothing I could do to get my arms moving. So I just swam and swam and counted them down and then it was over....another workout done! Thanks Lauren for the motivation today!

After swim we rolled out for an easy bike that turned into the battle of the 25mph winds and uphill climbs. But thanks to good humor and an eventual tail wind we got through it.
Resting up now for a long "fun " run.. .should be anything but fun...but I look forward to it!
I shall miss having Lauren and Tracy ( The Rocket) to run with as they both have to get back to work. You gals are the best! It's been fun!