Sunday, March 28, 2010

I got what I came for.....hard work, focus and mountains!

After a restless few hours of sleep, a 3.30am wake up alarm and a 50 minute drive to El Paso. I managed to arrive at my gate with 5 minutes to spare and I am now on my second flight and halfway home! I am SO excited to see the family.
Camp ended for me yesterday....with a great last day of training. A classic 4 .20 ride to Hatch.....nothing but open roads for endless miles, panoramic views of horses,pecan trees,chile farms and stunning mountains and big skies! Nothing but focus....and getting the work done! The ride finished with a short run, and the training day ended with a fun but hard swim at NMSU pool! Camp was wrapped up by a great eating frenzy of chips,guacamole,ceviche and burritos in Old Mesilla followed by a surprise ice cream stop for Lindsey at Dairy Queen finally!

I shall miss Las Cruces and the NMSU pool....that 50 MPH wind that almost blew me off my bike a few times and the sand storm that almost swept me off my feet! It was fun and inspiring to train with the posse and Coach Paulo....well what can I say about him...he's the glue....keeping it all together...! As I said before another great beneficial camp! Thanks Paulo, Danny,Lindsey,Jonnyo,Lauren,Tracey,Darryl, Michael and Jeremy for your good energy and laughs this week!

So as I return to NJ, I hope the bad weather is now gone and I can build on this block of training to gear up for my first race!

Next up is a Team Camp in Austin with Trakkers....should be fun!