Sunday, February 28, 2010

Inner Drive

What keeps us going...pushing in day out. A will to be the best!

Training here in NJ has been so difficult this year. Thank goodness Coach Paulo has made my training tolerable to accommodate this brutal winter we have been having. Being a mom with a family you cannot always just pick up and go so I have to make the best of the circumstances. Our boards and trails have been taken away due to heavy a lot of my running has been done on the hard roads or on the treadmill. I went for 2 months with only 1 or 2 road rides out doors due to icy roads and freezing temps.
I have tried not to stress out too much about this as I did not plan any early season Ironman this year. Instead I will train even harder when the weather is good so I will be 100 percent ready!

Today was a three hour ride which I chose to do outside in super cold weather. Thank goodness the puddles were just that puddles and no black ice. I did not see a single soul on the the road so for three hours I tried my best to stay motivated and to do the intervals. It was not my strongest riding but I felt good to have got it done and mentally it made me stronger. The whole time I was riding yesterday on my trainer I was wishing I was on the road. Today the whole time I was riding outside I was wishing I was inside on my trainer watching the Olympics, warm and motivated. But both days I was thankful to be able to be healthy and riding on my bike.

So for 2 more weeks I ride in the cold and then hopefully I will be rewarded with some warmer weather in Las Cruces New Mexico where we have a training camp. I cannot wait to have the posse to train with. It's always hard work but fun knowing you are all working hard together , pushing each other!

First race is coming up so need to get faster!


Ryan Oilar said...

I have the same love/hate relationship with my trainer.

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