Thursday, November 20, 2008

Running High!

Tonight I met up with my old running group. I used to do all their runs...every Tuesday/Thursday evenings on the boards no matter what the weather was...we'd be running! These days I try get my workouts in while the kids are at school so I have taken a break from meeting these guys. But tonight I headed down there and it was perfect...33 degree's feeling like 25 by the water with a gentle north wind. It was brisk and very energizing. The group was tapering for Turkey Trot this weekend ,so my buddy Tommy and I picked up the pace and ran a solid 7 miles at a slightly faster pace than I've been running. It felt good to open up the stride and push a little!
Conversation was good and it reminded me why running has always been my passion.


Al said...

You like running in the cold? I guess that's why you did so well at IMLP this year.

Jacqui said...

Let me clarify Al I don't mind running in the cold if I am dressed warmly. I had 3 layers on! Now rain,cold and a bathing suit....means HYPOTHERMIA! Not so happy!

Dee said...

Brrr! Arizona is a good place to be right now (should be high in the 80's tomorrow)...I'll be back to those cold days soon enough though! Thanks for the pre-race note!