Friday, November 28, 2008

I love the holidays!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was spent at my brother in laws. I was happy about this as it meant no cooking ,cleaning or leftover turkey(which I don't like) But as we were leaving he insisted I take all these desserts home with me. Now my decision is, do I eat them slowly a little slice of each every day or do I just eat the whole cake in one day and then feel so sick that I don't want to see carrot cake again for a year. I could have friends over to share in the eating frenzy but they all have their own left overs. I hate to throw it out!!! What to do what to do??? Breakfast this morning was a slice of blueberry pie. It is blueberries... so how bad can it be? I like to use the excuse that the extra weight gained during this holiday period will be good for my winter training. A little extra fat may even keep me warmer! In a week I'll be crying that I can't fit into any of my clothes and then I'll throw the remainder out!

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